You look shockingly like Summer in that photo. And your brows look incredible. I admire your devotion to learning the art of the bushy brow. I have not even bothered yet. I’m hoping thin brows just come back into style soon. And maybe bring with them low waisted jeans or something. 😂 Also, you are a professional playlist maker. Ever since you made me a CD some 20 years ago that happened to turn into a breakup soundtrack that helped me grieve and heal, I have believed you to be a genius in song collecting and mixing. I still believe this every time you share a playlist. I’m already devouring this Sunset Bay list. Is there a way you can get paid for this skill?

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It’s a facade. Good lighting, and I’m still figuring out the eyebrows, lol. I did see a post somewhere that thin eyebrows were coming back, and I want to steal the tweezers out of every youngster’s paws, lol! Don’t do it!!!!!

As for that early playlist, I specifically warned you NOT to listen to it, ha ha! I’d made it to help you through a hard time, then listened to the copy I made myself, and realized NOOOOOO! This is music to DIE to, not thrive to! I’m glad it did the opposite, lol! I tend to gravitate towards sad music to make me happy, which is so weird, but strangely effective. Maybe it’s because I feel less alone because the songs are in a funk too. 😜

And yeah, Spotify is life. It’s too easy to find my next music obsession.

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