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Darling, I love it when you share a piece of your heart and soul with others, with me, with yourself. Each reflection or epiphany you recognize then share through stories have the capacity to be a looking glass for others. I am so grateful you found what you needed to regain a sense of control over the business of life.

More than that though I am always grateful when you are vulnerable enough to let me or others know when you’re hurting, or overwhelmed, or can’t handle anymore and then be willing to sometimes ask for and/or accept help. We made it through. You made it through. Together is better forever and always.

I love you!


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Ugh. If only I had known too. Soooo many years letting men (boys really) treat me with next to no respect. I am also sad to look back and see the me so desperate for love. So willing to give everything. I know it’s led to the stronger, more confident me I am today, but just thinking about how desperate I was makes me feel so sad. So, I’m totally with you in that feeling. Also… Shawn rocks. I’m so glad you have such a good man now!

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